Every Day is a New Year

David Meltzer discusses how to succeed and be happy in the New Year
New Skills for the New Year

Every day is a new year, with new knowledge, skills, and desire. The new year can be daunting to those of us who choose to make New Year’s resolutions. A resolution can create a tremendous amount of internal and external pressure to stick to an arbitrary or capricious goal. Just know, this pressure is simply an obstacle, void, or shortage that we create for ourselves; this can be avoided by creating effective habits every day of the year.

More Than Desire

It takes more than just a desire to create these effective habits. If you don’t believe it, ask anyone who has tried to quit smoking or drinking. We need to combine the right knowledge and skills with desire. Having the right knowledge to create a habit is the first step in the process. The “right” knowledge is knowing what change you want to make, how to make it, and aligning it with your goals. This will pay dividends when you finally take action.

Take a Skills Inventory

How can you plan about making this change without the skills of these effective habits? Understanding the skills that you do have, want, or need, to enable you to make the change is very important. Equally important is knowing the skills that you do not have, you want to have, or need. Knowing what skills are limiting or preventing a successful change is the first step to acquiring those talents.  

Intend on Intention

Utilize the power of intention every day to gain the skills needed to affect change in your life. Taking stock of the reasons that you want to make a change is a great way to focus on yourself. Building a pros and cons list is a great exercise to help gain the perspective of change. Combine your newfound desire with knowledge and skills to accomplish your goals and avoid any internal struggle or pressure that you may manifest for yourself. Remember, every day is a new year. We need to have the skills, knowledge, and desire in order to manifest what we want rapidly and accurately every day. Detach yourself from the outcome. Understand that happiness is the pursuit of our potential.

By: David Meltzer


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