One Bad Decision or an Accumulative Effect?

Seeming to have it all is much different than having it all. David Meltzer sports technology

Picture yourself making millions in the NBA, frequently appearing on IMDb’s #1 rated popular reality show, and doing whatever you want, whenever you want. Sounds great, right? sports technology

Although this may be the dream for most, it takes a certain type of individual to control and handle this lifestyle. Money, fame, and experience can tempt people to make bad decisions. Last Tuesday, former NBA superstar Lamar Odom was found unconscious in a Nevada brothel by the manager who stated, “white stuff was coming out of his mouth and blood out of his nose.” David Meltzer

Odom is perceived as the “greatest and nicest guy—who would give the shirt off his to back to anyone in need” by his long-time childhood mentor and friend Gary Charles. What would lead somebody with everything to hit rock bottom?

When I was young my mom would take us to volunteer at the homeless shelter. She would stress that we were one bad decision from living at the shelter! She made sure that we were empowered to make the right decisions and surround ourselves with the right people and the right ideas. Although, we all have moments of self-entitlement, I find that those of us that come from nothing are at risk of losing our way when we manifest all we desire. sports technology

Found with cocaine in his system along with herbal Viagra, a potentially fatal combination, allegedly, Odom spent over $75,000 for a few days stay at the brothel. Many credit factors in Odom’s childhood; losing his mom at a young age, father a substance abuser, and being raised by his grandma, to events that led to this unfortunate incident. But, now are we forced to look at the negatives? Although Lamar was faced with numerous obstacles, why aren’t we talking about how he overcame these barriers and became this great, nice, and successful person everyone who knows him sees? David Meltzer

Faced with numerous hindrances as a kid, Lamar was still able to achieve what most can only dream of. How? The integration of Skills, Desire, and Knowledge, which created the effective habits that allowed him to manifest and sustain his accomplishments. David Meltzer sports technology

When confronted with difficult situations, many find it easier to give in. But, for strong individuals such as Odom, you use these experiences as fuel.

NBA player Ron Artest, who balled with Odom back in the day in New York, said “Odom had the skill and desire” to become a great basketball player, and what set Odom apart was that he knew it. Just like in business, Odom established effective habits of practice and networking at a young age. This knowledge led him to chase and achieve his dream of making the NBA and overcoming all barriers that confronted him. David Meltzer

Last Friday Lamar fortunately awoke out of a three-day coma and we pray for his quick and full recovery including regaining his empowered life. sports technology

By: David Meltzer